Private Label

Your Brand

We offer retail and food service products in a variety of packaging formats under our brands as well as customer private label brands. Our extensive manufacturing experience offers our customers’ private label options from product formulation to graphic design to final production and delivery.

Your Brand of margarines and spreads can meet the consumer demand for healthier products by using canola oil as the main ingredient.


Soft Margarines and Spreads

margarine with "Your Brand" on label

We offer a full range of varieties from lactose free to blends with plant sterols, all of which have a great buttery taste. Many of our successful formulations are spreadable, healthier and non-hydrogenated canola oil blends. Richardson Oilseed offers Your Brand retail margarine in traditional tubs as well as space-saving square containers in a variety of sizes.

Baking Margarines

With our expertise, we can formulate the perfect baking margarine for Your Brand. Baking margarines are available in 1lb blocks and 1/4 lb squares and sticks that can be packed in a variety of formats including flat packs and bricks.

Cooking Oils

Oil bottles with "Your Brand" on label

Richardson Oilseed offers a full range of oil types and blends in sleek PET retail bottles, available with a multitude of label varieties.

Food Service & Industrial

Recent developments in the market, such as increased consumer demand for healthier food choices have resulted in an increased demand from food service operators and manufacturers for healthier food ingredients and products.

We offer food service and food manufacturers innovative, non-hydrogenated, trans fat compliant canola-based oils, margarines and shortenings under our customers’ labels or our brand.

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