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Deep Frying Maintenance Chart

Deep Frying Guide (ENGLISH)

Deep Frying Guide (FRENCH)


Quick Frying Tips

Skim floating particles - To prevent oil deterioration.
Observe fryer oil quality - Filter or replace as required.
Turn down fryers when slow - To extend fry life.
Turn fryers on 15 minutes prior to initial use -  To prevent oil deterioration.


Validate fryer oil temperature with thermometer - Calibrate fryer’s thermostat regularly.
Ensure fryer is filled up to fill line - For optimal frying.
Filter oil and flush fryer - Filter oil daily or more frequently for high volume operations.
Cover fryer overnight and when not in use - Light and oxygen deteriorate oil.


Thoroughly clean and boil the fryer with cleaning agent - For optimal fryer and oil performance.
Inspect fryer hood/vent for grease drips - Thoroughly clean if necessary.

Recommended Equipment

  • Deep fryer thermometer (temperature range up to 204°C (400°F)
  • Fine mesh skimmer (square 5 ½")  - Skim floating particles
  • Auto-filter or filter, cone, bucket, nylon scrub brush - To remove harmful sediments from used frying oil
  • Oil test tools, to determine discard point
  • Fryer boil out cleaner
  • Fryer log
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as heat resistant gloves and apron, along with face protection


Oil Test Tools

3M Shortening (Oil) Monitor Test Strips


Test stripes